Managed IT Services

Your trusted Managed Service Provider provides the most robust and effective Managed IT services to cater all size of businesses small, medium and large ensuring that their systems work in a most effective manner with maximum uptime.

IT plays a vital role in today’s Business. Doesn`t matter how big your organization is or what vertical you are working in, to survive in this competitive world you have to implement the latest technologies in your business. Due to the ongoing business process, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage your IT infrastructure. This is where Synergy IT, a leading Managed IT Support Provider in Sri Lanka, can help you achive your goals of achieving maximum ROI with a minimal investment in the IT Support side. We provide the most robust and effective IT Managed services to fulfill your business requirements. Our services are catered to all size of business, small, medium and large ensuring that your computer and network system works in a most effective manner. Synergy IT as your MSP.


Our Managed Service Program allows our clients to focus on higher-level business functions, while delegating network maintenance and performance to IT professionals. By keeping an eye over business software, network architecture (routers, switches, firewalls) and connection fidelity, we take the measures necessary to sustain the most important areas of our client networks. Features of Managed Service Program. Contact us for Customized Managed IT Services in Sri Lanka.

We Manage your Business IT



Most of our client find hard times with concerns of updates, patches and help desk requests. Are you wearing multiple hats for your company and find yourselves unable to focus on key elements for your business dedicated attention? If so, you need a managed service provider better known as (MSP) that help you to cut cost as well as to maximize your technological capabilities.



Why you need an MSP?

Every Client has an obvious question. Why do I need a Managed service provider? We’ll we can solve this riddle with logical reasons: Here are few important one:

  • We will fully handle all of your current and future technologies. We advise our clients on how to optimize their current technology, while simultaneously planning for the year ahead. We will take care of the research, recommendation and procurement.
  • We will implement backup and disaster recovery strategies. There are threats around every corner. We make sure your business and critical data are setup to operate and flourish through various worst case scenarios and even human errors.
  • We have relationship with multiple technology vendors to make sure you get the best preferred price. We have established relationship with all major technology vendors and distributors and allow our clients to leverage these relationships. To get the best possible prices for their technology needs.
  • We allow you to focus on more critical business functions while we manage your technology needs and day to day functions. Let us handle your technologies and we will free up that responsibilities for you. Align yourself more focused on more important issues.
  • We will reduce spending. Think about your long term and short term savings, keeping your systems up to date will avoid lost revenue due to downtime. IT staffing and staff augmentation will save you time and money in hiring technical resources.
  • Our help desk will give you a go to contact for all your technical problems and our Technical solutions will keep your business active when your competitors are down; Giving you the competitive advantage.